Antiques Repair & Restoration
Chair Caning
          __J.D. Weed & Co. _____
   Serving Savannah  Since 1816


*** We have reached a new passage of time; with 45 years under our belt, we have left the antiques sales to others.We will be moving the restorations and furniture repair to another location.

803 East Anderson Street at the corner of Paulson and Anderson.

We do accept credit/debit cards.

  Arthur D. Weed



 J.D.Weed & Co. has a full service Preservation and Restoration shop to take care of your cherished pieces. A competent staff is available to service furniture, chandeliers, art pieces, chair caining  and  general care of your antiques. Along with preservation of antiques, your pieces can be restored to their original splendor . Arthur    







If one is interested, we will be leasing the building . You may call me  to set up a viewing of the property. Thank you,

Arthur Weed