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  You have found one of the little known secrets of Savannah, Georgia, one of the most prized collection of American Antiques in the southeast.  You will find furniture from earliest Colonial Virginia and a varied mix of fine Southern silver and accessories of the18th and 19th Century.


We have a fine staff who is ready to help you find the article you want for that special someone. We can have it packaged and sent home before you get back from your visit to our fair city.

We do accept credit/debit cards, please know that we do accept PayPal online and we readily accept your  true American currency when you visit us and make your purchase in our shop. Come in, enjoy and let us do business with you. Thanks for looking and we hope to see you soon in our shop.
                                                           Arthur D. Weed
email- weedco@bellsouth.net

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 J.D.Weed & Co. has a full service Preservation and Restoration shop to take care of your cherished pieces. A competent staff is available to service furniture, frames, chandeliers, art pieces and general care of your antiques. Along with preservation of antiques, your pieces can be restored to their original splendor for a reasonable price.





  Southern furniture is now coming to light as far as its importance. The great Southern characteristics are easy to see and they make their identification of particular regions very distinguishable. Like any other prized articles, their value is increasing as we speak. Please drop in to see or continue to view our progress through the net; however, remember there is nothing like being there.



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